El Diablo has given these two models his blessing, the HJC C10 and the HJC i71. These two helmets will be seen in red, black, and white, thanks to special Quartararo graphic options.

The South Korean brand’s been doing well with Fabio Quartararo so far. The French MotoGP racer signed with the helmet brand back in 2022, and after shipping out the special HJC RPHA 1 Quartararo, we can expect two new graphic options for the entry-level and mid-range offerings in the HJC lineup. 

The C10 is the most affordable ECE 22.06 helmet in the HJC lineup today. The model features all the basic bells and whistles that you need and expect from a quality HJC lid. From very functional vents to a shape that is wind-tunnel tested, all the way to an overall fit and finish that punches above its price tag for a single-visor lid, the C10 looks like a hot seller. With the ECE 22.06 homologation in full swing and with helmet manufacturers launching lids left and right, figuratively speaking, the C10 comes in at an exceptional value at the perfect time, literally speaking. 

Gallery: HJC C10 Fabio Quartararo Graphics

Now with the Quartararo graphic, and with Fabio’s string of successes in the season thus far, the clean graphic looks like it’ll be a hot seller for HJC. Clad in red, black, and white, and with subtle El Diablo logos throughout plus the number 20 at the back, it’s a clean design that’s sure to make a few Quartararo fans writhe in anticipation. HJC Europe lists its Quartararo C10 at a suggested retail price of 129.90 EUR, or about $145 USD give or take. 

Gallery: HJC i71 Fabio Quartararo Graphics

A step higher in the lineup, the i-series of helmets is HJC’s mid-range, and the i71 will also be the recipient of a new Quartararo graphic. More menacing than the C10, the i71’s Quartararo graphic is black and red but still with all of Quartararo’s signature logos and design elements on the side, albeit a bit smaller compared to the C10. 

The i71 is a new sport-touring helmet from HJC, and it follows in the footsteps of the RPHA 71, but in a package that is made out of the brand’s Advanced Polycarbonate instead of the PIM Plus shell the RPHA series is known for. More affordable, ECE 22.06-approved, and with a drop-down sunvisor, it’ll go for 249.99 EUR or about $280 USD. 

As to when these helmets will arrive stateside, it’s not yet known. However, do contact and consult with your local HJC dealer should you find either, or both, of these helmets to your liking.

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