All of us who ride know and accept the risks of what we do. It goes without saying that riding a motorcycle – and a fast one at that – is incredibly dangerous. However, for many of us, myself included, it’s also one of the best decisions we’ve made in our lives. Indeed, you’ll never know when disaster will strike, that’s why we do everything in our power to make sure we’re of sound mind and body each and every time we ride.

Riding on the street is one thing, but racing at the highest level of competition, say, the infamous Isle of Man TT, is a totally different story – an adventure reserved for the grittiest and bravest of individuals. Those of you who consume a lot of moto contend would certainly be familiar with 44Teeth. Popular on YouTube, as well as in other corners of the World Wide Web, these guys are among the most talented (and engaging to watch) moto journos out there.

Watch 44Teeth's Boothy Hit The Track Again With Just One Leg

Being quite a fan of them myself, you could only imagine the gut-wrenching feeling I had when Mike Booth, fondly referred to as Boothy, got into an accident at Joey’s on June 3, 2022 while racing at the Tourist Trophy. It took quite some time for us to get an update on his condition, but it ultimately resulted in Boothy suffering a bunch of broken bones, and unfortunately losing his right leg. This sort of injury is one that undoubtedly takes long to heal — both from a physical and mental perspective, and it’s completely easy to see why Boothy chose to lay low for some time after his multiple surgeries.


He would later appear on camera once again to talk about his injuries, seemingly completely unfazed and eager to hit the track once again. That being said, the latest video on 44Teeth’s YouTube channel is probably one that a lot of us have been waiting for for quite some time now. It’s none other than Boothy’s comeback to racing. In the video, we see Boothy and the crew setting up his prosthetic leg to be a race-ready bit of kit. After some jokes about WD-40, cable ties, and gaffer tape, we see Boothy hit the track on a race-prepped BMW F 900 R for the fourth round of the Snetterton BSB BMW F 900 R Cup.

Now, I’m not going to give away too many details about the video, as I want you guys to watch it. Nevertheless, Boothy’s vlog-style video does a good job of showing his learning process, as well as the challenges he and the team faced when it came to race-prepping himself, his prosthetic leg, and the bike for the race. Needless to say, despite not taking home the victory against other racers with complete limbs, Boothy showed us that nothing can get in between him and having a blast on the track. On top of that, he took home the Rider of The Day award and a sweet £200 cheque.

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