The French Motorcycling Federation (FFM) is responsible for all things two wheels in France. From heritage initiatives such as shows, museums, and events, to motorsports activities like track days and racing, the FFM can be described as the custodian of motorcycle culture in France. Apart from providing a lot of activities for today’s generation of riders, the organization is also safeguarding the next generation of two-wheeler enthusiasts.

For two years now, the FFM has been catering to the grassroots of the two wheels world with its Motorcycle Discovery Days. Designed to open doors to youngsters to the world of motorcycles, the Motorcycle Discovery Days presents motorcycling – motorsports, in particular – in an approachable way to aspiring enthusiasts. The organization’s goal is to make grassroots two-wheeled motorsports as accessible as other sports in France. Indeed, if kids can easily take up cycling, football, or tennis, why not motorcycle racing too, right?

France: FFM Motorcycle Discovery Days Is Back For 2023

Catering to youngsters aged six and up, the FFM Motorcycle Discovery Days allows youngsters to learn about and experience the different disciplines of motorcycling. Everything from motocross, enduro, trials, and of course, road racing, will be showcased in the event. Of course, professional trainers, teachers, and coaches will be on board to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.

In the organization’s official press release, Sebastien Poirier expressed his excitement for the 2023 Motorcycle Discovery Days stating, “As part of our mission to develop motorcycling sport, these Motorcycle Discovery Days represent a unifying event on a national [level]. They will make it possible to open our sport to a large public and thus to participate in its democratization. For this third edition, many structures are mobilized, so many opportunities for young people to discover the sport of motorcycling in complete safety.”

The 2023 FFM Motorcycle Discovery Days will take place from September 9 to 10, 2023, across 70 touchpoints in France. This ensures that folks from many regions in the country have access to the event, without having to travel great distances to experience grassroots motorsports in a safe and controlled environment. For more details and information about the 2023 Motorcycle Discovery Days, feel free to check the FFM’s official webpage for the event linked below.

France: FFM Motorcycle Discovery Days Is Back For 2023
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