Harley-Davidson is celebrating its 120th anniversary throughout 2023. While its Harley Homecoming 120th Anniversary event is now in the books for 2023, the OEM is already busy, planning ahead for next year.  

The 2023 Harley Homecoming was filled with events and entertainment options for the whole family, including live music, food and beverage options, and of course a wide variety of Harley motorcycles new and old.  

None other than current Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz appeared at a panel at the Harley-Davidson Museum on Saturday, July 15, 2023. He was joined for the event by Harley vice presidents Bill and Karen Davidson for a panel discussion. 

The biggest news to come out of the discussion was Zeitz’s announcement of the calendar dates for the 2024 Harley-Davidson Homecoming festivities. The rally next year is scheduled to encompass the city of Milwaukee from July 25 through 28, 2024.

While the 2023 Homecoming marked a significant anniversary for the American motorcycle manufacturer, Zeitz also announced that 2024 will include a tribute to the one and only Willie G. Davidson. “The family is very honored and thrilled. To have the Homecoming in his honor is fantastic,” said Bill Davidson, as reported by the Milwaukee Business Journal

In addition to celebrating one of the most beloved fixtures in the Harley-Davidson firmament, it’s also part of the modern Motor Company’s larger, ongoing plan: To host a major destination motorcycle rally in Milwaukee every year.  

It’s larger than a block party, of course, but the general idea is much the same: To foster community goodwill. Bringing Harley diehards together with folks who might never even have thrown a leg over a bike (yet) in a relaxed and fun party atmosphere, the OEM believes, is a good way to attract tomorrow’s riders into the fold.  

Music is another way to bring people together, and Harley knows it—hence the Veterans Park ticketed two-day music festival-within-a-festival at the 120th Anniversary Homecoming. Most of the festival is free of charge for anyone who wants to come, except for the Veteran’s Park concerts—which, incidentally, apparently sold out all 45,000 available tickets, according to MBJ. Since it’s so close to the close of the 2023 event, we don’t have any official attendance numbers for the overall festival just yet. 

Who will Harley tap to headline its music festival next year? It seems likely that we’re months away from any official announcements there. In any case, now that the dates for next year are out, Harley fans may want to mark their calendars and start planning. 

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