During the 2023 Beijing International Motorcycle Show, CFMoto took the opportunity to showcase its new models in full force. The brand has been one of the fastest growing motorcycle manufacturers in the world in recent years, and has been rolling out a variety of new and exciting models in recent months. In total, six new models debuted. Let’s gloss over each one.

CFMOTO Papio Trail
CFMoto 1250 TR-G Pricing

The CFMoto Papio Trail is a charming retro-styled machine that serves as the rugged version of the Papio XO. This mini-bike is equipped with a powerful 125cc engine, providing a thrilling riding experience. On the other hand, the 1250 TR-G is designed as a long distance tourer. It boasts a full set of luggage including panniers and a top case, ensuring ample storage space for all your belongings. Additionally, it features a tall, adjustable windscreen, specifically designed for touring purposes, offering enhanced wind protection during long rides.

The CFMoto 800MT Explore Edition is essentially the rebadged version of the Ibex 800 available in the U.S. market. This adventure-focused bike is loaded with exciting features and enhancements. It comes equipped with four customizable riding modes, ensuring a personalized riding experience. The Michelin Anakee Adventure tires provide excellent grip and stability, making it suitable for various terrains. The bike also offers CFMoto Ride connectivity through an eight-inch TFT screen, allowing riders to stay connected and access essential information on the go.

2023 CFMOTO 800MT Explore Edition

In contrast, the 450NK is a sporty naked bike that shares the same parallel-twin engine found in the 450SR (known as 450SS in the U.S.). The inclusion of a 270-degree crankshaft gives it the performance and feel reminiscent of a 90-degree V-twin engine, delivering an exhilarating riding experience. Its angular futuristic bodywork, complemented by an LED headlight and a full-color TFT display, adds a modern touch to its overall aesthetics. The 450NK's approachable proportions make it an accessible and agile option for riders looking for a thrilling yet practical ride.


The CFMoto 450SR S is a bike we previously discussed and is based on the 450SR (also known as the 450SS in the U.S. market). This version features revised bodywork with winglets, although they are primarily for aesthetic purposes rather than performance enhancements. The addition of a fancy single-sided swingarm gives the bike a sportier and more athletic appearance, adding to its overall appeal.


On the other hand, the CFMoto 450 CL-C is the newest addition to CFMoto's retro-inspired range. This bike exudes custom vibes straight from the factory, capturing the essence of a custom machine right off the showroom floor. It is available in two variants: a two-seater cruiser or a single-seater bobber. With its retro design elements and attention to detail, the 450 CL-C stands out as a unique choice for riders seeking a distinctive and nostalgic riding experience.

CFMoto Unveils The CLC 450 Bobber In China

These six new bikes will initially be made available in the Chinese market. However, it’s a well-known fact that CFMoto is adamant on achieving a strong presence in the global market. While it’s yet uncertain as to which models will make it to the global stage, my money is on the 800MT Explore Edition, 450NK, and 450SR S in the near future. The CFMoto 1250 TR-G has been in existence for a couple of years now, but has been limited to the Chinese market. Hopefully soon, this heavyweight tourer will be launched in the global market, as well,where it’ll go head-to-head with the likes of the BMW R 1250 RT.

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