In countries like India, motorcycles are among the most common forms of transportation. India is undoubtedly one of the biggest motorcycle markets in the world, with more than 15 million motorcycles sold in 2022. With this number growing each year, it's not surprising that Indian commuters demand utmost reliability and dependability from their machines. 

Needless to say, when it comes to workhorse machines like the two-wheelers that ply the streets of India, manufacturers leverage on reliability, efficiency, and practicality. Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) is doubling down on this with its new extended warranty program. Called the Extended Warranty Plus (EW+ for short), Big Red is offering up to ten years of warranty coverage for its commuter-focused two-wheelers in India. 

Honda Activa 6G 20th Anniversary Edition

The extended warranty coverage can be availed from 91 days to the ninth year of purchase of your motorcycle. That means, folks who already own a Honda, and have owned it for up to nine years can head on over to their nearest Honda dealership to avail of the extended warranty program. Best of all, the EW+ is transferable, so even if you aren't the first owner of your motorbike, or you plan to sell your bike in the future, its extended warranty will remain intact. 

At present, Honda India already has extended warranty programs for vehicles up to the seventh year. The EW+ program extends this further to ten years, and is offered in three packages. The first one is for seven-year old machines, and consists of a three-year plan. The second package is for eight-year old scooters and motorcycles, and takes the form of a two-year extended warranty coverage. Lastly, owners of a nine-year-old Honda motorbike or scooter can avail of a one-year policy.

Naturally, pricing for such extended warranty will vary, but according to Honda, prices start at Rs 1,317 – the equivalent of $16 USD – for bikes smaller than 150cc, and Rs 1,667 (about  $20 USD) for bikes 150cc to 250cc. At this point, it's worth mentioning that the EW+ program is applicable only to Honda's small-displacement lineup. Unfortunately, big-displacement models such as the Honda CB500X and CB650R aren't included in this extended warranty package.

It's interesting to see a manufacturer as established as Honda go the extra mile to build further trust among its clientele. It just goes to show how much Honda values its reputation as being one of the most reliable and dependable brands in the industry. It would certainly be nice to see a similar program extended to the brand's more performance-oriented models, as well as the expansion of this program to markets outside of India. 

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