On May 29, 2023, Brough Superior unveiled the latest additions to its already exclusive stable in the first half of the 2000s. As you may recall, the historic and formerly oh-so-British brand was reborn in recent time as a French luxury motorcycle maker, which now offers handmade bikes crafted at its headquarters in Toulouse. 

The two latest bikes to join the lineup amp up the limited-edition nature of the modern Brough Superior beast, as only 19 units of each will ever be made. The Brough Superior SS100 Ultimate and Brough Superior Lawrence Ultimate each feature Brough’s exquisite attention to detail, including things like the billet aluminum crankcases it produces in-house. 

Each Ultimate bike will exclusively bear its number on its tank, as you can see in some of the detail photos. From far away, the meticulously crafted appearance gives an air of black, silver, and chrome—but close up, you begin to see the fine and distinct carbon fiber weave as your eyes travel over the tank. 

Gallery: Brough Superior SS100 Ultimate and Lawrence Ultimate

Why 19? Because every motorcycle brand with history behind it loves an anniversary more than anything, and 1919 marked the start of the original Brough Superior. That history is the point, the owners say—and is of course in large part why the current owners wanted to own it in the first place.  

Full details aren’t available just yet, but these two bikes join the other SS100 and Lawrence variants currently listed in Brough Superior’s catalog. There’s the regular SS100, the supercharged SS100 Salt Racer, the silvery SS100 Bert Le Vack tribute, and the blue SS100 Karslake. On the Lawrence side, there's the original Lawrence, the Lawrence Nefud, and the Lawrence Dagger. Since Brough Superior builds each one of these to order, pricing information for each is officially listed with the words “Contact Us.”  

According to French moto magazine Le Repaire des Motards, pricing for the SS100 Ultimate will be 71,500 Euros (about $76,665 at the time of writing). Meanwhile, pricing for the Lawrence Ultimate will be 71,900 Euros (about $77,094). Both of those prices do not include value-added tax (VAT) or any associated transport costs. Additionally, a deposit of 15,000 Euros (about $16,089) is required as a deposit when placing an order for either Ultimate edition.

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