Ever since Honda introduced the CB750 Hornet and XL750 Transalp machines at EICMA 2022, fans have wondered when (and sometimes also if) these bikes will come to their markets. That they would both get released in European markets seemed like a given, particularly since that’s where both bikes were both designed and teased before their eventual unveiling in Milan in November 2022.  

Sure enough, release information for European countries followed in a timely fashion. What about the US, though? Would Honda fans across the pond also get the chance to experience Honda’s completely new 755cc, eight-valve, Unicam parallel twin engine, which also powers the CB750 Hornet? For the longest time, we didn’t have any clear indication. Hope may spring eternal—but concrete evidence was thin on the ground. 

As is often the case in the US, California Air Resources Board emissions certifications have come to rescue us from our seemingly unending contemplation once again. For those unfamiliar, CARB must certify new motorbikes are compliant with emissions requirements in the state before they can be sold there—and as go bike sales in California, so they go in the other 49 US states. Thus, if CARB certification is issued for a given bike, it’s reasonable to expect that it’s on its way to market throughout the entire country. 

2024 Honda Transalp - CARB Certification Document

On April 13, 2023, CARB issued Executive Order number M-002-0898 to Honda Motor Company Limited. On the first page of the document, the model year for this Executive Order is listed as 2024. It’s an on-road motorcycle (separate orders are given for off-road bikes). Fuel type is listed as Gas, Strokes Per Cycle is listed as Four, and Engine (CC) is listed as 755. A full breakdown of exhaust emissions analysis is also given in a chart on this page. 

On page two, we find out what this mysterious machine actually is, and it’s what you can see in the screenshot. Here, we learn that the vehicle in question is a Honda Transalp with a 755cc engine, giving us our strongest indication yet that Honda should soon be announcing the XL750 Transalp for its American market debut. 

While that gives us some news, there are still plenty of things that we don’t know about the bike’s release in the US. The Euro-spec XL750 Transalp makes a claimed 90 horsepower at 9,500 rpm, and peak torque of 75 newton-meters (or 55 pound-feet) of torque at 7,250 rpm and comes with an assist and slipper clutch since it’s aimed at touring-minded riders. Will these (and any other) specs remain the same for our market, or will Honda change them?  

Relatedly, we have no idea what to expect in terms of pricing for the US market at this time. When Honda Europe announced XL750 Transalp pricing in Italy in January 2023, the magic MSRP was €10,690, which worked out to about $11,600 if converted at that time. Pricing decisions between markets are not always (or even often) direct conversions, though. Hopefully American Honda makes a launch announcement soon and answers some of our burning questions at the same time.

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