With warmer weather here to stay for the next couple of months, it's always a good idea to adjust your riding gear for the season. In fact, one could argue that riding in the summer can be more difficult than riding in cooler, rainy weather, as the effects of heat fatigue can creep up on you without you knowing it. As such, there's no surprise that textile, breathable gear is as technical as it is. 

Whether we're talking about boots, gloves, jackets, or pants, being geared up in breathable apparel is essential for the summer riding season. When it comes to boots, Italian specialist Gianni Falco has an interesting new product. It's called the Atlas 2 Air, and just like the Atlas 2 touring boot, it features ample protection up to the level of the shin, but offers a much lighter construction thanks to the incorporation of breathable fabrics. 

Tour In Style And Comfort With Falco's New Atlas 2 Air Boots

For starters, Falco has made use of a syntheric microfiber material for the upper portion of the boot. Apart from being breathable, it integrates 3D Mesh inserts that provide some much-needed abrasion resistance. Meanwhile, on the inside of the boot, there's a fixed interior liner that helps to maximize ventilation. 

When it comes to protective technology, the Falco Atlas 2 Air is equipped with ABS protectors on the heel and toe, as well as D3O inserts on the malleoulus. The shifter area is also reinforced to provide extra durability, and the sole features a non-slip design, while providing protection against transverse crushing forces. Thanks to all these features, the Atlas 2 Air is certified PPE according to the EN 13634:2017 standard. 

Lastly, when it comes to comfort and fit, the booth is equipped with gussets on the front and back of the foot. These gussets are made of a microperforated fabric to promote even more airflow. Lastly, the boot is secured via a zipper that runs along the inner side, with a Velcro flap on top to provide a snug fit. Overall, these lightweight touring boots tip the scales at just 1,120 grams per pair. 

As for pricing and availability, the Falco Atlas 2 Air is offered in one black colorway. Sizes range from 41 to 47, and the boots are sold for a retail price of 179.90 Euros, making out to about $193 USD, per current exchange rates.

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