As much as motorcycle gear is designed to protect and keep us safe while riding, like all clothes, we want to look good in our gear, as well. This is why most gear and equipment manufacturers have dedicated tons of resources not just to make gear safer, but to make it stylish and fashionable, too. 

The way a lot of gear brands have done this is by blurring the lines between casual street wear and riding gear. We've seen it from nearly all manufacturers with their jackets, pants, and shoes all looking indistinguishable from their off-the-shelf counterparts. This is particularly applicable for retro riders looking for gear to match their bikes, but also for practical riders who ride their bikes to work on a daily basis. 

Stay Protected And Fashionable With Segura's New Skiff Riding Pants

Segura, a popular French gear and equipment maker known for its retro-style apparel has recently released a new pair of riding pants called the Skiff. The Skiff isn't a retro piece per se, but rather a street-focused pair of riding pants that's nearly indistinguishable from your everyday pair of trousers. For starters, the Skiff's seamless design means that it matches all sorts of clothes – from casual street wear to smart casual work clothes. Underneath the surface, however, it's made out of technical fabric packing the latest safety tech. 

More specifically, the Skiff features reinforced fabric with Dupont Kevlar fibers integrated into the stretchy cotton of the pants. This provides the pants with excellent abrasion resistance, without compromising on comfort and fit. On the protection side of the equation, the Skiff relies on removable and adjustable Alpha protectors on the knees. Thanks to the Kevlar lining and integrated knee protectors, the Segura Skiff is Class A PPE certified according to the EN17092:2020 standard. On top of all that, optional hip protectors can be added to further improve safety.

When it comes to pricing and availability, the Segura Skiff pants are offered in sizes ranging from S all the way to 3XL. Colors consist of Beige and Navy Blue, and the pants retail for 179.99 Euros, or approximately $197 USD. 

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