With Formula One (F1) and Netflix’s Drive to Survive series attracting a bevy of new fans to the raceway, other motorsports are trying their hand at entertainment as well. MotoGP is no exception.

Unfortunately, the Grand Prix motorcycle racing series fell short with its Amazon Prime docuseries MotoGP Unlimited. Instead of renewing the series for a second season, the two partners released the five-part Marc Marquez. All In. docuseries in 2023. Still, its behind-the-scenes media isn’t generating the same groundswell as F1’s Drive to Survive.

This time around, MotoGP will try a different route, partnering with Warner Bros. to produce a scripted feature film. While the production hasn’t cast any actors yet, reports indicate that producers are looking for a lead with international appeal and an established fanbase.

Sources also say that the project’s working title is Idols, and the plot centers on a Moto2 rider that earns a MotoGP wildcard ride by the end of the season. Leaning into Dorna’s development structure, the protagonist also moved up to the intermediate class via the FIM JuniorGP series. On that note, the action-drama will primarily cater to youths, with elements of romance and adventure luring younger fans to the sport.

Warner Bros. won't just handle international distribution but also work alongside Spanish production companies Mogambo and 4 Cats Pictures throughout the process. Filming is slated to begin at the end of 2023 and extend into the 2024 season, with the production shooting fictitious races along with actual MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3 action.

Veteran Producer Andrew Eaton will also guide the project to the finish line. With the James Hunt and Niki Lauda drama Rush under his belt, Eaton has a proven track record in motorsport movies. Additionally, his credits include TV series hits like The Crown and The Trip. As such, we’re hopeful that MotoGP will get it right this time around.

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