One of the biggest struggles when riding a motorcycle in the rain isn't really dealing with wet clothes, and neither is it dealing with slippery roads. Indeed, even the wettest of roads – provided it isn't covered in black ice – can return sufficient traction to keep you rubber side down. Perhaps the biggest struggle is dealing with a foggy visor that practically renders you blind during a downpour. 

Sure, Pinlock visors exist and do an excellent job of preventing fogging. However, not all helmets are pinlock ready. As such, there have been quite a few solutions when it comes to waterproofing our visors. A lot of these come in the form of hydrophobic sprays. In a similar way we wax the paint on our cars for effective (and satisfying) water beading, the same technology can be applied to our visors. This is where Visiodry, a new product from French company Surfactis Technologies, comes into play. 


According to the company, Visiodry has undergone six years of research and development, as well as two patent filings. The brand claims that it meets an "unmet market need in many professional fields where optical surfaces must remain dry to have their optimal properties." Indeed, this is applicable to motorcyclists looking to keep their vision in the event of a torrential downpour.  

Stéphane Bejanin, a specialist in biophysics and chemistry, and the co-founder of Surfactis Technologies, explained, “the superhydrophobic characteristic is very important because, thanks to it, the water drops bounce off the surface without ever wetting it: the surface always remains dry. Even when stationary or at very low speed (on a motorbike, on skis or on a bicycle, for example), our solution is ultra-efficient; from this point of view, it has to date no equivalent."

Best of all, Surfactis Technologies claims that a single spray-on treatment of Visiodry can last up to two months before needing to be reapplied. As such, from a 35-milliliter spray can that costs about $24 USD, you should be covered for multiple helmets, and probably for the entire riding season. 

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