Electric two-wheelers have been picking up quite a lot of steam, especially in Asian countries like India. A lot of new and affordable options have been hitting the market, and are giving commuters more affordable and sustainable alternatives to getting around. One such model is the new Simple One electric scooter, and as its name suggests, its charm lies in its simplicity. 

Simple Energy Officially Launches The Simple One Electric Scooter In India

Despite its supposedly simple nature, it took Simple Energy nearly two years to bring the scooter into production. Despite there already being a number of competitors in the market, Simple was adamant to ensure that the One would be the best in its class. Indeed, on paper at least, this seems to be true. 

The Simple One electric scooter boasts impressive specifications, including an 8.5 kilowatt (11.3 horsepower) peak power and 72 Newton-meters (50.4 pound-feet) maximum torque. It accelerates from 0 to 25 miles per hour in just 2.77 seconds, a remarkably swift performance, and achieves a top speed of 66 miles an hour. With a claimed range of 133 miles, it offers the longest distance coverage among mainstream electric two-wheelers in India. Notably, the Simple One is equipped with two batteries: a fixed 3.5-kilowatt-hour battery and a removable 1.5-kilowatt-hour battery, providing a combined capacity of five kilowatt-hours.

Simple Energy Officially Launches The Simple One Electric Scooter In India

The new Simple One electric scooter is available in four vibrant colors: Azure Blue, Brazen Black, Namma Red, and Grace White. Additionally, two new color formats, Brazen X and Light X, were introduced during the launch. The starting price of the Simple One is Rs 1,45,000, ($1,753 USD) and it goes up to Rs 1,58,000 ($1,910 USD). Customers also have the option to include a 750W fast charger by paying an additional Rs 13,000 ($157 USD).

The delivery of the Simple One electric scooter will commence in phases starting from June 6, 2023, initially limited to Bengaluru. The founder and CEO of Simple Energy stated during the launch that the company has plans to gradually expand the delivery services to other cities in the near future.

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