As the riding season heats up in the northern hemisphere in 2023, Kawasaki USA wants to keep us all on our toes with its latest announcement. On June 6, 2023, Team Green plans to unveil not one, not two, not even 12 new vehicles—but a grand total of 16. Not all of them will be bikes, but a fair number should be. 

Take a peek at the official Kawasaki USA webpage right now and you’ll see a countdown clock up at the top of the page. It’s ticking down the minutes, hours, and days until this major new model reveal. You’ll also see a number of silhouettes of new vehicles flash by quickly on the right side of the screen. Some street bikes, some dirt bikes, and at least one UTV are definitely in the mix. It repeats after far fewer than 16 silhouettes, so it’s clear that the team isn’t hinting at every model on the list just yet. 

What about Kawasaki USA’s other internet presences? As of May 15, 2023, it’s dropped additional hints on both its YouTube and its Facebook pages, but nothing on Twitter and no TikTok presence. On YouTube, you’ll find this video, along with the caption “6.6.23 - Your Supersport Obsession begins,” along with standard Kawasaki hashtags #GoodTimes and #Kawasaki, which don’t really give us more information than the video and caption themselves. 

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Over on Facebook, Kawasaki also posted the same video that it posted on YouTube, as well as two additional teaser images. One is a closeup of a single, simple round gauge, with the caption “Just Ride. 6.6.23” and the same two hashtags. The second looks like an extreme closeup of the front right corner of a UTV with its headlights on and a powder-coated black steel guard of some type in front of it, slightly obscuring the light from full view. The caption there reads, “Get ready to put in some work. An all-new STRONG workhorse arrives on 6.6.23,” and is once again followed by the same two hashtags. 

What bikes can we expect to see on July 6, 2023 from Team Green? One of them seems extremely likely to be the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator 450. Back in March 2023, Kawasaki first introduced the Eliminator 400 in Japan, followed closely by the introduction of the same bike at the Bangkok Motor Show later that same month. In April 2023, a slightly larger-displacement 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator 450 appeared in California Air Resources Board filings, which was a strong indication that this model would appear sooner rather than later in the American market. 

The supersport that Kawasaki hints at in the sole video teaser it’s released so far is likely to be an updated Ninja ZX-6R and/or RR. As for the dirt and other bikes to expect, we have three weeks to think about them and see what other teasers that Kawasaki cares to drop on its way to the big reveal.

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