In March, 2023, Kawasaki revived the Eliminator nameplate when it announced the Eliminator 400 for the Japanese market. Team Green didn’t just talk the talk, it walked the walk by presenting the new entry-level cruiser at the 2023 Bangkok Motor Show. The Eliminator’s international tour may not end anytime soon either, as California Air Resources Board (CARB) filings indicate that Kawi could send a larger-capacity Eliminator 450 to the States in 2024.

Unearthed by Motorcycle’s Dennis Chung, the documents list Kawasaki model codes EL450A, EL450B, EL450C, and EL450D. Given the Eliminator 400 and Eliminator 400 SE’s EL400A and EL400B model designations (respectively), one could predict that the EL450A and EL450B denote the base model Eliminator 450 and Eliminator 450 SE, while the EL450C and EL450D hint at ABS-equipped trims.

As the nomenclature suggests and the filing confirms, the Eliminator 450 would benefit from a 451cc engine. The lack of bore and stroke figures doesn’t divulge how Team Green engineers achieved the extra volume, but we’d be surprised if the firm doesn’t utilize its tried-and-true 398cc parallel twin as a basis for the new mill.

Gallery: Kawasaki Eliminator 400

Within the Eliminator 400, the trusty twin whips up 47 horsepower (at 10,000 rpm) and 27.2 pound-feet of torque (8,000 rpm). Compared to Honda’s Rebel 500—the main competitor to a potential Eliminator 450—Kawasaki’s parallel twin already outruns the model’s 45.9 ponies. Turning the tables on Mean Green, Honda’s 471cc mill outpunches the Eliminator’s 398cc lump with 32 lb-ft of torque (at 6,000 rpm).

Presumably, Kawi will address this shortfall with a 451cc powerplant. As such filings go, though, we can’t confirm the existence of the 2024 Eliminator 450 without Kawasaki officially introducing the model. If the Japanese marque does ship the entry-level cruiser to North America, however, we can’t wait to see how it aims to unseat the Rebel 500.

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