Sometimes, you just want to dress normally, but your two-wheeled addiction and your strive for safety often get in the way of “normal” clothing. It’s a good thing that materials have advanced and textiles are often the go-to for many casual motorcycle enthusiasts, and Macna’s Bastic jacket is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Macna has got a ton of stuff just waiting for you to rock on and off the bike. From vented jackets to pants, and also to casual riding gear that will blend in with the rest of your wardrobe. The Bastic takes the form of a bomber jacket, and it comes in multiple colors for you to choose from, seven to be exact. The colors include black, matte black, grey, khaki, dark khaki, dark blue, and red.

Macna Bastic - Red
Macna Bastic - Red

Addressing the first problem of moto gear versus normal clothing, we have elbow and shoulder pads. The Macna Bastic comes with CE-level one pads, which is the bare minimum I expect from a motorcycle-specific garment. Other safety features include reflective inserts, as well as a pocket for a back protector, something you have to buy separately as usual. 

For convenience, the jacket comes with a removable thermal liner, a waterproof Raintex membrane, and lining the part that touches your body, you get a mesh lining that promotes a modest amount of breathability. Apart from that, there are also vent holes cut out on the arms that are closable via a pair of sippers. The middle of this jacket houses two zippers, one external one that seals up the garment, and one inner one that opens its mesh layer up to allow air to flow through your torso. An exhaust vent at the back allows the jacket to breathe and not flutter when put into “full vent mode.” 

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This jacket goes for 179.95 EUR, or about $200 USD with today’s exchange rates. The size run for the Macna Bastic runs from S all the way to a 3XL. 

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