When BMW unleashed the R 18 in 2020, the company wasted no time introducing the rest of its boxer-powered cruiser line. The R 18 Classic emerged months later, in October, 2020, before the R 18 B and R 18 Transcontinental rounded out the range in April, 2021. Ever since, we assumed the Bavarians completed the collection. We may have assumed wrong.

According to Swiss type approval filings, the House of Munich has an R 18 Roctane variant waiting in the wings. Uncovered by Motorcycle’s Dennis Chung, the documents hint at the potential model’s spot within the R 18 hierarchy. As expected, the trim would carry over the platform’s portly powerplant, with the 1,802cc opposed twin generating 90 horsepower (at 4,750 rpm) and 116 pound-feet of torque (at 3,000 rpm).

However, the Roctane differs from its contemporaries in several metrics. The files list the model with a 67.7-inch wheelbase. That figure falls between the Touring variants’ 66.7-inch measurement and the 68.1-inch wheelbase on the base model and Classic trim. It’s no surprise that the Roctane’s 103-inch length positions the model between cruiser and faired R 18s as well.

What comes as a surprise is BMW’s model nomenclature. The existing lineup shares internal codes starting with 0L. The brand breaks this convention with the Roctane’s 0N61 designation. This departure suggests potential chassis changes, but without brakes, suspension, or rake/trail figures listed in the homologation documents, we can’t confirm such speculations at this time.

Given the Roctane’s dimensions and bold nameplate (fusing the R 18’s Rock ride mode with octane), the potential R 18 variant could bring BMW’s R18 /2 Concept to the streets. Boasting a club-style bikini fairing and a West Coast-inspired paint job, the R18 /2 made no bones about its performance cruiser ambitions. If the Roctane is indeed a road-legal R18 /2, it would join the growing club-style cruiser ranks.

With the new Indian Sport Chief entering the fray and Buell prepping its Super Cruiser for a grand entrance, an R 18 Octane would only increase the resistance to the Harley-Davidson Low Rider’s category reign.

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