On October 16, 1923, brothers Walt and Roy Disney founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. From Mickey Mouse to Marvel, from Cinderella to Star Wars, the House of Mouse has reshaped entertainment over the past 100 years. To commemorate that everlasting impact, the Walt Disney Company will hold special events and exhibitions throughout the year.

In addition to the honorary celebrations, the studio partnered with Honda and Cub House Thailand to present the Super Cub C125 Disney Limited Edition at the 2023 Bangkok Motor Show. Famously marketed in Big Red’s iconic “You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda” campaign, the Cub is the ideal match for the Mouse. Cub House only takes that dream pairing to the next level with timeless aesthetics.

Gallery: 2023 Honda Super Cub C125 Disney Limited Edition

Sporting satin black paint alongside chrome-coated components, the special-edition Super Cub is both understated and eye-catching. A red saddle adds a pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic color scheme, while Disney 100 logos adorning the side covers salute the brand’s centennial.

Additional attribution comes in the form of a Mickey Mouse emblem on the underbone frame. At the front, Honda places the Super Cub nameplate and the Mickey silhouette logo side by side on the chrome-coated leg shields. Team Red and Cub House will only offer 100 units of the C125 Disney Edition with each unit flaunting a serialized badge.

The 100th anniversary Super Cub will also come with a commemorative collaboration jacket and retail for 116,400 Baht (~$3,405 United States Dollars). Diehard Disney fans can even spring for the C125 Disney set including a special metal Mickey Mouse figurine at 197,900 Baht (~$5,790 USD). For context, the base model 2023 Honda Super Cub 125 retails for 89,600 Baht (~$2,620 USD) in Thailand.

The Walt Disney Company has profoundly changed entertainment and global culture over the last century. The Super Cub C125 Limited Edition only celebrates that monumental milestone in classic Disney fashion.

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