On March 30, 2023, American electric off-road vehicle maker Volcon ePowersports officially launched two new bikes: the Grunt Evo, and the Runt LT. The Grunt Evo is, as the name suggests, an evolution of the company’s original off-road motorcycle, the Grunt, and it has a few updates to talk about. Meanwhile, the Runt LT is a low-speed electric off-road bike for smaller riders, which the firm has been teasing for some time—and is now finally here. 

The Grunt Evo utilizes the same Exo-Arch frame, 8.5-kilowatt electric motor, and 2.3 kilowatt-hour battery as the previous version. Where the Grunt Evo differs is in its use of a new Gates Carbon Belt Drive system, the Moto X9. The belt drive helps up the stealth factor, making the bike even quieter (good for hunting, says Volcon), as well as requiring less maintenance than a chain.  

Another key Evo development is a new progressive rear suspension that uses a coilover shock from Walker Evans Racing. Volcon also took rider feedback into account to improve ergonomics on the Grunt Evo, from integration of a seat that it says is more comfortable both in shape and in materials used, as well as an improved foot peg position. At the same time, Volcon says, overall weight on the Grunt Evo is down by almost 20 percent as compared to the initial run of the Grunt. What’s the curb weight on the Grunt Evo? 285 pounds, according to the OEM. 

Gallery: Volcon Grunt Evo and Runt LT

For smaller riders, the Runt LT packs a 2-kilowatt electric motor, along with a 1 kilowatt-hour battery. Like its older sibling, it uses regular level one charging to charge up from any household outlet. It comes with three drive modes plus reverse, a 43 mm inverted front fork, a rear monoshock with spring preload adjustability, a top speed of 35 miles per hour, and a claimed range of 25 miles on a single charge. Seat height is 27 inches, as compared to the Grunt Evo’s 32-inch seat height. The Runt LT relies on a hub motor for operation, so it’s direct drive all the way. 

What about pricing and availability? Volcon says that if all goes according to plan, it will ship both the Grunt Evo and the Runt LT to dealers beginning in Q2 of 2023. However, interested customers can already begin building their ideal versions of both bikes as of March 30, 2023. Once the bikes have been built and shipped, they’ll be available for pickup from their selected local dealer location. 

The Volcon Grunt Evo’s MSRP starts at $5,999, and it’s available in your choice of three colors: Desert Dune, Del Rio Red, or Bandit Black. If you want a Volcon Runt LT, the MSRP there starts at $3,495, and it’s available in two colors: Desert Dune or Del Rio Red. Check the Volcon website for more information about both models.

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