On October 13, 2022, American electric powersports company Volcon announced that it’s bringing Torrot electric bikes to the U.S., Caribbean Community countries, and also Central and South America. All the Torrot bikes will continue to be built in the Torrot facility, which is located near Barcelona, Spain, but they’ll be co-branded as Torrot and Volcon machines. 

These electric motorbikes serve children from ages three to 16, and the distribution agreement between Volcon and Torrot currently spans the next three years. To start the collaboration off, Volcon will begin offering three different electric youth motorcycles in two sizes: Motocross One and Two, Supermotard One and Two, and Trial One and Two.  
One-series bikes are meant for children up to the age of six, while Two-series bikes cover children ages six to 11.

In the future, Volcon will also offer Torrot’s Three- and Four-series bikes across the same disciplines. Those two additional sizes will span the age range from 12 through 16. When will this distribution begin? According to the current timeline, Volcon will begin rolling out Torrot’s One- and Two-series bikes sometime in December, 2022.  

Volcon Torrot

“Working closely with the Volcon team over the last few months, as they distributed our bikes in South America, gave us a chance to get to know each other. It became more and more apparent that Torrot and Volcon have many complimentary synergies," Torrot CEO John Dixon said in a statement. 

“Matching up their strong and growing dealer network in the United States with our wish to accelerate sales of our world leading electric kids off road bike range jumped out as an obvious and compelling synergy,” he added. 

“As we’ve stated before, we believe collaboration is key to success in the proliferation of electric vehicles, so it was a natural fit for us to partner with Torrot in bringing a youth focused electric motorcycle offering to the Americas under the Volcon brand," Volcon CEO Jordan Davis said in the same statement. 

“The kids range of electric motorcycles offers a great way for young riders to learn motorcycling skills, both on road and off, while at the same time creating awesome opportunities for kids to participate in the sport with their families. Bringing high quality, youth oriented off-road electric motorcycles into our entire EV portfolio, which now includes the Grunt, Runt, Brat and Stag, now puts us on an accelerated path to offering a full range of ePowersports solutions for every age group and interest level,” Davis concluded.

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