Electric motorbike startups definitely aren’t an uncommon thing in the early 2020s. Still, what if we told you that RTR (which stands for Ride the Revolution, incidentally) comes from the hard work of Gustavo Lourenço, the internationally famous custom bike builder behind Retrorides by Lourenço? After 30 years of handcrafting some incredibly intriguing custom machines, Lourenço decided to turn his attentions to decarbonizing one of his favorite things in the world, and he wants to take riders along for the journey. 

Thus, we have RTR’s first-ever electric bike, the clean and minimalist 799e scrambler. It’s currently undergoing homologation in Brazil as of March, 2023. If all goes according to plan, Lourenço intends to start rolling RTR 799e bikes out to customers sometime in December, 2023. The bike is currently available for pre-sale on RTR’s website, but no price information is given—instead, as seems to be increasingly common, interested parties have a digital form to fill out to request more information. 

What can we tell you about the RTR 799e? Full specs aren’t available yet, but we do have a few claims that RTR is making so far. Firstly, the 799e is intended to be the brand’s flagship, premium electric motorbike offering. Secondly, RTR is planning to release a more affordable bike for the masses after the successful launch of the 799e—but first things first. 

Gallery: RTR 799e

The 799e is powered by an 8-kilowatt motor, and top speed is said to be 127 kilometers per hour (or just under 79 mph). Claimed range on a single charge is 120 kilometers, or about 74.5 miles. The bike charges using a standard household outlet and can go from zero percent to fully charged in about five hours. The battery pack is a 7.7-kilowatt hour lithium-ion unit. As with most electric motorbikes, it has no clutch to worry about. 

There’s a tidy-looking digital display in the available images and video, although no information is available about it so far. A USB outlet allows for easy phone charging on the go, and there’s an onboard storage compartment for small items (though exact size of said unit is not specified). RTR also says that the 799e is available to be customized, which is presumably something that interested parties would want to ask about when they’re inquiring about sales details. 

The LED headlight, drop-down bar-end mirrors, and pleasingly retro-modern skid plate that surrounds the leading corner of the battery pack are aesthetically pleasing design choices. The visual composition we see here is, all things considered, pretty nice to look at—but of course, the true test will be in the riding, and in how well it’s received once it makes its way to customers. 

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