Electric motorcycles aren’t cheap. From research and development to production to the showroom floor, electric models still struggle to meet the bang-for-buck of internal combustion motorcycles. British electric mobility startup Maeving knows as much, and its RM1 strikes a balance between finances and functionality.

Currently, the Coventry, England-based company serves Britain with a newly opened showroom in London’s Soho district. However, the brand has multi-national ambitions, with hopes of crossing the Pond in the near future. To test the waters, Maeving co-founder Will Stirrup sat down with Oklahoma City, Oklahoma’s News 9 team.

When asked what excites him most about Maeving’s RM1 model, Stirrup replied, "I think getting people onto motorcycles who'd never even considered it before, and then realizing that part of their day that they hated, that commute, could actually be the best bit of the day.”

Stirrup went on to reveal that Maeving aims to break into the United States market by the end of 2023 or 2024. Of course, the startup will need to homologate the RM1 to meet U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards, but it could also meet resistance from other competitively priced electric motorcycles.

At 6,990 British pounds sterling (~$8,605 USD), the RM1 certainly undercuts many electric models currently on the market. For that sum, the moderately-price model delivers up to 80 miles of range, a 45-mile-per-hour top speed, and the convenience of removable batteries. Should the RM1 makes its way to the U.S., it will undoubtedly go head-to-head with the Sondors Metacycle.

With a sticker price of $6,500, the Metacycle already submarines the RM1’s MSRP. Additionally, Sondors claims that the model achieves an 80-mph top speed and up to 80 miles of range. On the other hand, the two (potentially) competing electrics feature different aesthetics, with the RM1 mimicking ‘60s café racer style while the Metacycle favors futurism.

There’s no doubt that the electric motorcycle market could use more affordable options. If Maeving brings its budget-friendly RM1 to the U.S., we can’t wait to see how it fares against the popular Metacycle.

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