Many manufacturers started transitioning away from inline-four engines in recent years, but even in 2023, Suzuki remains a champion of the tried-and-true layout. To that end, the GSX-R1000R returns to the brand’s lineup with the same presence that made it a reliable contender for so many years. That means a Showa Balance Free Front Fork (BFF) steadies the rig while traction control, launch control, and a bi-directional quickshifter maximize the superbike's track potential.

Just under the R variant, the GSX-R1000 boasts the same performance DNA but takes a more pragmatic approach. The time-tested, 988cc inline-four, lightweight chassis, and rider aids (sans launch control) all remain. However, Showa’s Big-Piston Fork steps in to maintain the non-R trim’s budget-conscious build. Those concessions lead to a $16,149 MSRP, which saves more than $2,000 on the GSX-R1000R's $18,199 price tag ($18,299 for Metallic Triton Blue/Metallic Mystic Silver).

The GSX-R750 follows the same tiered pricing with the MotoGP-inspired colorway commanding $12,949 while the Pearl Brilliant White/ Metallic Matte Stellar Blue and Glass Sparkle Black/Glass Matte Mechanical Gray go for $12,849. The GSX-600 not only upholds the pricing structure but features the same color schemes as its older sibling. That brings the Blue/Silver livery to $11,799 and the base models to $11,699.

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Not to be left out, Suzuki’s naked bike range returns with the recently revised GSX-S1000 and the long-in-the-tooth SV650 manning the post. While the GSX-S features LED lighting, Suzuki’s Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.), and KYB suspension, the SV keeps it simple with its 645cc V-twin nestled in a trellis frame. Those differing build philosophies also inform on the MSRP, with the GSX-S1000 sporting an $11,499 sticker price while the SV 650 carrying a $7,399 MSRP ($7,849 for SV650 ABS).

In the ADV world, the V-Strom remains a fan-favorite in 2023. The V-Strom 650 family upholds the platform’s reputation with the base model starting at just $9,104. The mid-tier V-Strom 650XT bumps the total up to $9,599 and the V-Strom 650XT Adventure is travel-ready at $10,799.

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