Watching content on YouTube showcasing superbikes and supercars is nothing new. Indeed, YouTubers seem to have an endless supply of ideas when it comes to creating automotive content, with some being full-blown tests and reviews, while others occupying the territory of jokes and memes. What we have here today is certainly the latter, and it comes to us from Indian YouTuber JS Films.

Ducati has had a long-standing reputation for being hot – and I don't just mean in a figurative sense. Having ridden numerous Ducatis, and in the Philippines, a hot, humid country in Southeast Asia at that, I can attest to the fact that most Ducatis are so hot that they could literally burn a hole in your pants while stuck in a gridlock. Having said that, JS Films, being based in India, is subject to a similar level of hot weather, especially now that it's summer in most parts of Asia. 

The dude took to YouTube to showcase just how hot his Ducati Panigale V4 S is by cooking an omelette on the frame of the superbike. I mean, sure, there are tons of other ways to demonstrate just how hot the Panigale is without needing to break an egg and risk making a mess all over the beautiful red paint, but nevertheless, here we are. 

The star of the show starts off by starting up his bike, to which we're treated to the iconic sound of a Ducati V4 engine. He then grabs a piece of foil, lays it onto the frame of the bike just above the fairing. This area is particularly hot, as it's where the heat escapes, especially when the radiator fan kicks on. Another guy breaks an egg and puts it into a bowl while the bike is being tilted on its side. The egg is then placed on the foil where we can see it getting slowly cooked. 

Indeed, JS Films was able to demonstrate just how hot his Ducati Panigale V4 S is while making himself a quick snack in the process. Talk about getting your cake – or egg– and eating it, too. 

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