Despite spring already making its presence felt, a lot of places in the northern hemisphere continue to experience less-than-ideal weather conditions. It doesn't matter what time of year you ride, it's always best to be prepared for the unexpected, and that includes sudden changes in the weather. While there's nothing wrong with being a fair-weather rider, those of you who rely on your bikes all year surely know the value of good rain gear.

For the most part, rain gear serves the main purpose of keeping you dry on the road. This means that you're more comfortable for longer periods of time, and can power through the dropping temps and uncomfortable feeling of wet clothes. However, rain gear also serves the purpose of increasing your visibility to other road users, especially when it's as bright and fluorescent as the new VXR-8 rain suit from Vanucci. Vanucci is an in-house brand of German gear and equipment distributor Louis Moto, and if you know anything about that brand, you'd know that they place a lot of importance on good value for money.

The VXR-8 suit is a full suit that covers you from your neck all the way to your ankles. It's constructed out of a stretchable, water-repellent fabric composed of a polyester and elastane blend. On top of that, the suit gets an internal waterproof polyurethane membrane to keep as much water as possible out. Furthermore, the rain suit gets a thin, removable hood, that's particularly useful for navigating city street on foot before or after a rainy ride. 

The VXR-8 rain suit is equipped with a large central closure flap making it easy to wear and remove over your riding gear. There are also wide zips at the bottom of the legs to make it easier to wear with boots underneath. Lastly, an anti-slip zone on the buttocks area ensures optimum traction between your butt and your bike's saddle. 

Indeed, the Vanucci VXR-8 is an ideal option for riders who stay on two wheels throughout the rainy season, and don't really mind looking like a highlighter in exchange for added safety and peace of mind. It retails on Louis Moto's official online retail portal for 169.99 Euros, or approximately $183 USD.

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