BMW Motorrad has finally released the R 18 Transcontinental in the Indian market. While a bike this huge seems like it doesn't belong on India's roads, you'll be surprised by just how many big bikes are lurking on India's roads. Of course, machines of this nature serve more as status symbols and weekend toys, rather than practical means of touring the country. 

Nonetheless, the R 18 Transcontinental sets itself apart from the standard R 18 cruiser. If you thought the R 18 was already excessively large, well, the Transcontinental takes things a notch higher by flaunting massive bodywork. It features a large front fairing complete with a windscreen to protect the rider against the wind. Furthermore, an abundance of chrome elements gives the bike a clean and elegant aesthetic, with everything from the mirrors, levers, exhaust pipes, and other garnishes finished in chrome plating. 

2023 BMW R 18 Transcontinental

Performance-wise, look no further than the biggest boxer-twin engine currently in production by BMW. The 1,802cc boxer engine is a true work of art and a feat of engineering. With a maximum output of 91 horsepower and 110 pound-feet of torque, this engine is designed for cruising the open road at leisurely pace. It sends all this power to the rear wheel via a shaft-driven six-speed manual transmission. 

Complementing the bike's massive engine is a suite of electronic rider aids. The R 18 Transcontinental is outfitted with BMW's Dynamic Engine Brake Control, as well as hill start assist, cruise control, ABS, and stability control. To keep the bike stable at high speeds, it also features a steering stabilizer. There's even a reverse gear that makes it easier for riders to back out of parking spaces. All these features and more can be toggled via the bike's large TFT display, which also features smarphone connectivity. Through the display, onboard speakers, central locking, and heated grips can all be activated. 

When it comes to pricing, premium big bikes are usually extremely expensive in India, and the BMW R 18 Transcontinental is no different. It retails for a whopping Rs 3,150,000, which translates to about $38,000 USD. For reference, in the U.S., the R 18 Transcontinental retails for $24,995 USD. 

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