HJC has established itself as one of the most dominant players in the motorcycle helmet industry. It's managed to do this by offering a wide selection of helmets at all price points, geared towards all disciplines of motorcycling. The Korean manufacturer previously updated all the helmets in its catalog to conform to the newest ECE 22.06 helmets, and now, some of the new models are making their way to the market. 

HJC Presents The C10 Full-Face Helmet In Europe

The brand's entry-level full-face hemet, the HJC C10, has just been launched, and is designed to replace the reliable and affordable CS-15. I wrote a review of the CS-15 back in November, 2020, and I was thoroughly impressed with that budget-friendly lid. At present, I've managed to get my hands on a new HJC C10, and I'll be writing a review about that lid very soon, so stay tuned. For now, let's take a closer look at this helmet's features. 

Priced at 109.90 Euros, or approximately $120 USD, it's clearly in the affordable range in terms of price. However, HJC being the established brand that it is, certainly made sure that the C10 came decked out in all the essential protective features. For starters, it's constructed out of a polycarbonate shell that's compliant with the latest ECE R22.06 safety standard. The design is that of a much more modern and sporty helmet, as opposed to the rounded contours of the CS-15. There are large vents on the chin and top, as well as heat extractors at the back. 

On the inside of the helmet, HJC has equipped it with completely removable and washable liners so as to prolong the helmet's service life. Furthermore, the chin straps, although still secured via a micrometric quick-release buckle, are bolted onto the helmets shell and through the EPS liner, ensuring maximum security. As for the visor, it makes use of a quick-release mechanism, and features a Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog lens. HJC boasts a wider field of view by 10 millimeters versus its predecessor. 

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