If you’re anything like me, and you commute in dense urban traffic on a daily basis aboard your motorcycle, then you’re probably well acquainted with the importance of having a quality helmet that’s just the right combination of light, comfortable, and affordable. Based on my experience, the fit and comfort of a helmet can make or break your commute, and even your day as a whole—especially if your morning commute to work comes before a hectic day at the office.

For many, myself included, commuting to work on a motorcycle provides the perfect start to the day, allowing for a clear head and a heightened sense of focus to tackle the day’s challenges. With that, a budget friendly, comfortable, and of course, safe helmet is a must. Now, I’ve gone through dozens of lids after years of daily commuting on my bike, and no other helmet has come close to offering the bang for buck safety and comfort of the HJC CS-15.

Gear Review: HJC CS-15

Now, the HJC CS-15 is the most affordable full-face helmet in HJC’s lineup, and retails for just €99.90 or the equivalent of $120 USD. Now, I know what you’re thinking—HJC makes a helmet this cheap? Yes, they do, and it undoubtedly presents itself as really good value for money, especially from a brand that’s well known for their high performance RPHA line of helmets. With that, it carries an ECE safety rating, along with the basic features you’d expect to find in helmets that are priced twice as much as the CS-15.

For starters, it’s extremely user friendly in all aspects. With a removable liner that even a toddler could easily learn how to disassemble, the HJC CS-15 can very easily be cleaned and sanitized after long hours of use. On top of that, the standard visor is guaranteed shatter proof—in fact you can even bend the visor inside out, and it won’t even deform or show any signs of cracking. Said visor is easily removed, by way of a simple locking mechanism on either side, and many visor options ranging from light smoked to iridium are available from HJC.

Gear Review: HJC CS-15
Gear Review: HJC CS-15

Evidently, I like this helmet so much that I’ve gone ahead and bought another one. I’d been using the black one for the better part of a year, and decided I’d get the same helmet, but this time in white, for daily duties. Another benefit this helmet poses for me is the fact that I get to preserve my more expensive helmets, as I’ve set them aside for use on weekend rides and special occasions.

At a glance the CS-15 looks pretty premium and could be mistaken as a more expensive lid. I particularly like the solid color options, as they accentuate the helmet’s simple, yet elegant silhouette. For those who are more adventurous when it comes to graphics, HJC also offers the CS-15 in nine other graphics options ranging from the loud and aggressive Navarro 9, to the subtle and sleek Dosta.

Overall, this helmet makes for a pretty solid daily commuter as it's relatively quiet, especially when you install the optional chin curtain. The visor comes with a nifty locking mechanism which prevents it from popping open at speed, and creates a pretty solid seal. The CS-15 comes with speaker cutouts, too, so installing a comms system will be an absolute breeze.

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