The vast majority of production model electric motorcycles do away with one critical component – transmissions. While that exclusion simplifies many road-going electric two-wheelers, it doesn’t suit off-road riding, where controlled power delivery means the difference between staying upright or eating dirt. German electric mobility brand Trinity Electric Vehicles knows as much and equips its new Panthera e-enduro with a four-speed gearbox.

Comparable to a 250cc single-powered dirt bike, the Panthera earns its name for silently slinking through technical terrain. The stealthy cat isn’t devoid of power either, with an air-cooled synchronous electric motor delivering up to 578 pound-feet of torque. In the standard trim, Trinity claims 18 kilowatts (24.5 horsepower) and a 75-mile-per-hour top speed. The performance variant steps those figures up to 22 kW (30 horsepower) and 78 mph.

Trinity Panthera - Motor
Trinity Panthera - Gearbox

That all seems run of the mill until considering the Panthera’s four-speed transmission.

"Almost all electric motorcycles come onto the market without gears and are therefore easy to handle, especially for beginners, but this means that enormous potential is wasted," states Trinity.

As a result, the rider operates the Panthera similar to a classic internal-combustion motorcycle, with the left-hand lever functioning as the clutch and the left-foot pedal acting as the shifter. Much of the model’s original equipment follows suit. The long-travel 43mm USD fork offers adjustability while the wire-spoked wheels measure 21 inches up front and 18 inches out back. That props the Panthera’s seat height up to 35.4 inches. In all, Trinity’s e-enduro tips the scales at 238 pounds.

The German OEM plans to roll out the model in May, 2023, starting at €6,849 (~$7,300 USD). Trinity will also offer packages for a street-legal variant, additional batteries, and a fast charger. When it comes to range, the 40Ah battery yields 1.5 hours of driving time while the 50Ah unit returns 2 hours and the 60Ah pack depletes after 2.5-3 hours.

Additionally, the Panthera stands to earn a Supermoto trim with a 17-inch wheelset in the near future. Hopefully, that version brings the nuance of a clutch to the road-going electric market as well.

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