Leonart was formed in 2004 in the bustling city of Barcelona with a daring ambition: to satisfy the expectations of folks who aren't contented with just any small-displacement motorcycle.  The objective of Leonart is to create a compelling and appealing product with an unique personality. This is evidenced by its stylish, retro-inspired model range which up until now, consisted mainly of 125cc machines. 

The Rigger, the latest addition to Leonart's already remarkable roster, is a compact, sleek motorbike that features an impressive mix of refined elegance and rugged durability. The Rigger sets the tone for the future generation of electric motorcycles with an approachable yet capable 4.5-kilowatt motor, and an eye-catching design. Built to navigate both metropolitan streets and open highways, the rigger presents itself as a capable all-rounder that can be appreciated by both novice and seasoned riders alike. 

Leonart Motors Presents The Rigger, Its First Electric Motorcycle

The Rigger's tubular steel frame demonstrates its technical skill, providing the motorbike with a solid and dependable foundation. This, together with the vehicle's ideal weight distribution, guarantees a smooth and engaging ride even on rough terrain. The Rigger's performance is further enhanced by its high-capacity 72V battery, which Leonart claims can power the motorbike for up to 94 kilometers on a single charge. Because of this feature, it is a good contender for riders who value both dependability and practicality.

The Rigger's electric motor produces 4.5 kilowatts – approximately 6.3 horsepower – which is similar to conventional 125cc gas-powered motorcycles and scooters. Electric motors are known to  provide instantaneous response, and in the case of the Leonart Rigger, should allow for a maximum speed of roughly 60 miles per hour. As previously stated, the motorbike is powered by a powerful 72-volt, 60-ampere-hour battery pack that takes around six hours to completely charge.

Leonart Motors Presents The Rigger, Its First Electric Motorcycle

The Leonart Rigger is currently available for pre-order at a starting price of 5,499 Euros ($5,904 USD). This pricing may vary depending on geography and other circumstances, but it offers a good indication of the motorcycle's retail cost. The Rigger, with its impressive features and attractive style, is an excellent choice for riders searching for an easy-to-ride urban runabout with an emphasis on rugged, sporty styling. For more information about the Rigger, as well as other models, visit Leonart's official website linked in the sources below.

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