Indian electric mobility startuo Matter EV has been teasing its first model for quite some time now. Designed as a sporty, electric naked streetfighter, the bike has finally been unveiled in all its glory. Dubbed the Aera, the new electric motorcycle is the latest in the world of performance-oriented electric two-wheelers, joining the likes of the Ultraviolette F77. 

Starting at a price tag of Rs 143,000, or approximately $1,732 USD, the Aera is positioned mostly for city commuters looking for a sporty twist to their daily rides. It'll be offered in four versions—the Aera 4000, Aera 5000, Aera 5000+ and the Aera 6000+. At present, the Aera 5000 and 5000+ models are already open for order, while the 4000 and 6000+ are set to be released at a later date. 

Indian E-Mobility Startup Matter Unveils Aera Electric Naked Bike

As for the specifications, the Aera 5000 model range is powered by a 10-kilowatt electric motor, with an output of about 13.5 horsepower. This puts it at par with 125cc to 150cc gasoline-powered machines, although we can certainly expect much zippier acceleration thanks to the instantaneous torque provided by the electric motor. Interestingly, Matter has decided to pair the motor to a four-speed manual transmission, in an attempt to deliver a familiar riding experience.

The motor is paired to a liquid-cooled battery pack with a five-kilowatt-hour rating, which takes approximately five hours to fully charge. Likewise, the brand promises a range of up to 125 kilometers, or 78 miles, on a single charge. Other tech features include a TFT full-color display, through which the rider can toggle multiple riding modes, as well as view pertinent ride data. There's also Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, as well as OTA software updates and keyless operation. 

Just like other naked bikes on the market, the Matter Aera rolls on 17-inch wheels front and back. It gets a standard telescopic font fork and a pair of rear shock absorbers. Meanwhile, braking duties are handled by a single front and rear disc brake equipped with both ABS and CBS. 

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