When it comes to protection parts for motorcycles, it seems that nothing is too big or too small to cover up. Wunderlich has such a part for a rather obscure part that wouldn’t be top of mind to protect, the Harley-Davidson Pan America’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) sensor. 

With motorcycles nowadays becoming increasingly complex with all sorts of safety systems and rider aids, sensors, and their respective computers, become key components in keeping a rider riding and keeping them from crashing. The ABS sensor is a pretty self-explanatory thing, and having it fail can throw off the bike, or actually lead to a situation where the rider is the one that is thrown off. 

The Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 has a bit of a quirk in the ABS department, in which its sensor is quite exposed. Rocks, sand, mud, dirt, and other debris could come into contact with the sensor and mess things up, so Wunderlich devised a €61.41 EUR (about $65 USD) solution to save you a crash that could cost thousands due to a broken ABS sensor. 

Wunderlich Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 ABS Sensor Cover

So this piece costs about sixty-five bucks, I know, but you will be assured of Wunderlich's quality. The part number is Art. 90288-002 and it’s a bolt-on piece for the Harley-Davidson. The attachment point for this is the radial mount of the front brake caliper. The piece looks like its original equipment, blending seamlessly into the lines of the front axle and the brake caliper. 

The part is machined out of aluminum, and it's anodized black to remain under the radar. On top of that, the sixty Euros, or thereabouts, that you paid will go into a hand-made product that’s made in Europe so it’s not an afterthought of a product. Oh, and it also has a Wunderlich logo on it so you can tell your friends how fancy your cover is and what brand it’s from. Kidding aside, it may look simple, but it has a premium finish to it with small details added as a special touch. 

On top of this, Wunderlich backs the product up with a five-year guarantee, though I don’t think that they needed to do that since it’s a cover. Though, if it does break you do have that safety net at least. 

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