As we dive headlong into 2023, Ducati is understandably keen to show off the Diavel V4 in as many ways as possible. That’s why the team from Bologna has been on an international tour as of late, hosting Diavel V4 Design Nights events in a handful of cities around the globe, with more planned in the coming months. 

So far, Ducati has brought Diavel V4 Design Nights events to the likes of Amsterdam, Brussels, London, New York City, and Paris. Since the focus was on the Diavel V4’s design, as well as its place in Ducati design history, the venues for each event were selected with “an emphasis on a refined atmosphere and sophisticated taste.”  

At the New York event, Ducati Centro Stile director Andrea Ferraresi said, “Ducati has a unique design philosophy which derives from an extraordinary attention to detail and places style as a central and distinctive element in each of our creations. The Diavel family is truly special for the Centro Stile because it took shape from an impactful and innovative proposal in which the Company strongly believed. With the new Diavel V4 we have confirmed a bold and muscular design, capable of attracting attention in any context. We are very proud of the final result, particularly the detail work, which makes this bike's style absolutely unmistakable.” 

Gallery: Ducati Diavel V4 Design Nights

The Diavel V4 is powered by Ducati’s 1,158cc V4 Granturismo engine, which is derived from the beloved Desmosedici Stradale V4. It makes a claimed 168 horsepower alongside 93 pound-feet of torque at 7,500 rpm. It’s outfitted with a special deactivation system for the rear two cylinders to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions at low speeds and stops. At the curb, it weighs somewhere slightly north of 500 pounds—since Ducati only gives dry weights, and the one given for the Diavel V4 is listed as 492 pounds. 

It’s not clear how many other Diavel V4 Design Nights will be held, but Ducati says there will be upcoming events in other cities. In the meantime, of course, interested riders can check out a Ducati Diavel V4 and perhaps bring one home with them from dealerships in their choice of two colors: Ducati Red (of course) or Thrilling Black. 

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