Back in September, 2022, CFMOTO first wheeled its stunning NK-C22 concept bike into the public eye. The occasion was CFMOTO’s Autumn Strategy Conference, and while the concept was certainly a conversation-starter, in and of itself, it was also meant to showcase CFMOTO’s new C-LINK connectivity platform. In November, 2022, the NK-C22 concept made its international debut at EICMA.  

Fast forward to February, 2023, and CFMOTO just revealed both official images and information about the production version, called 800NK. As previously reported, it’s powered by the same KTM LC8C engine that provides the heartbeat of the CFMOTO 800MT.  

When the NK-C22 was first unveiled, we wondered if the tuning of this engine would be a bit different for the sportbike version. Since it was a concept, of course, we didn’t have any claimed performance numbers from CFMOTO—but now we do.  

Gallery: CFMOTO 800NK

According to the OEM, the 800NK makes 100.8 horsepower at 9,000 rpm, along with 81 newton-meters (or 59.7 pound-feet) of torque at 8,000 rpm. Contrast that with the figures that CFMOTO provides for the 800MT, which are 67 kilowatts (or 89.8 horsepower) at 9,250 rpm, along with 75 newton-meters (55.3 pound-feet) of torque at 8,000 rpm.  

Continuing with the official data for the CFMOTO 800NK, and top speed is 220 kilometers per hour, or about 136.7 miles per hour. Curb weight is listed at 186 kilograms—or 410 pounds. CFMOTO characterizes the 800NK as being a lightweight machine—and compared to the 800MT, that assessment is absolutely correct. The curb weight of the 800MT is 231 kilograms, or 509 pounds—almost a full 100 pounds heavier, and that’s not including the optional top box on the 800MT.  

Although CFMOTO has now released more information about the 800NK, there’s still a lot we don’t know yet. This information was released for the Chinese market—and even there, no planned release date or pricing information was included in the official announcement. As you can likely surmise, we also have no clear indication of when or if the 800NK might make its way to any other markets outside China, either. However, as and when we have more information, we’ll definitely keep you updated.

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