What does the number 10 mean to you? Besides being the first time any kid proudly reaches an age with double digits, it’s apparently a magic motorcycle number in September, 2022. No, we’re not talking about Honda—although they, too, chose 10 as their nice, round goal for electric motorcycle models. Instead, we’re talking about CFMOTO—which just announced that it’s coming out with a total of 10 new bikes in 2023 alone. 

To start September off right, CFMOTO held its 2022 Autumn Strategy Conference—at which the company’s general manager, Chen Zhiyong, officially announced that not one, not two, but 10 total motorbikes are planned for a 2023 release. If all goes according to plan, it’s going to be a major year for the company—which plans for six of those bikes to be combustion-powered, and four to be electric. 

The other big news CFMOTO proclaimed at the conference is its new C-LINK connected technological platform for motorbikes. The CF in the company’s name, you see, doesn’t only stand for ‘Chunfeng’. Apparently, in the future, it will also stand for ‘Connected Fun.’ The platform is meant to ease communications between the mechanical and software components of future CFMOTO machines—thus increasing riding pleasure and ease of use. 

Gallery: CFMOTO NK-C22 Concept

Just telling people about a new technology isn’t going to make it stick in their minds—which is why CFMOTO also pulled the covers off its stunning concept bike, the NK-C22. Nominally meant to demonstrate C-LINK and its potential, Kiska’s designers clearly pulled out all the stops here. It’s almost hard to know where to look first, because your eyes just keep moving over the forged carbon fiber bodywork, SC Project dual exhaust, single-sided swingarm, and those rather magnificent wheels.  

The headlight, taillight, profile, and overall proportions are immediately inviting. The stance looks sporty and aggressive, but not intimidatingly so. While CFMOTO is very clear that this is just a concept, a production version is allegedly in the works—so here’s hoping that it retains most of what makes the concept so striking when it’s finally ready to roll out into showrooms. 

The engine is the same KTM LC8C mill that powers the already-available CFMOTO 800MT, a 799cc parallel twin that makes a claimed 94 horsepower and 57 pound-feet of torque. There’s no telling whether it may be tuned differently, though—as adventure riders and sport riders may want different things from their 800cc motorbikes. Presumably, more details will be available closer to the launch of the production version, and we look forward to learning about them then.

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