In the back half of 2022, news of KTM’s imminent distribution of MV Agusta motorcycles in multiple worldwide markets sparked interest across the motorcycle world. Since it’s early days, of course, all anyone can do is speculate—none of us knows what’s going to happen just yet (although we’re obviously hoping the news is good for customers). 

Now that it’s the middle of November, 2022, KTM parent company Pierer Mobility AG just announced a new distribution deal of its own. Apparently, as of January 1, 2023, PMAG will distribute CFMOTO products across five European markets: Austria, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K.  

These are all markets that CFMOTO is already active in, and where it sells products from across its various lines. Motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs are all readily listed as being available at an existing network of dealers, which interested parties can see simply by visiting the appropriate CFMOTO website and typing in their location. 

"PIERER Mobility and CFMOTO have been in partnership for almost ten years. CFMOTO is our production and sales partner for KTM motorbikes in China, and in recent years it has expanded its capacities and supply chains to meet this need," Pierer Mobility executive board member Hubert Trunkenpolz said in a statement. 

"It's also a logical development of our cooperation for us to handle and expand the distribution of CFMOTO motorcycles in selected European markets as a first step,” he added. 

A first step to what is not clear at this point, although it seems likely the picture may become clearer in the coming months. This news is also particularly interesting, given that it comes so closely on the heels of the KTM/MV Agusta announcement.  

Both MV Agusta’s and CFMOTO’s existing product lines represent a wide array of vehicles in niches that Pierer Mobility’s current product lineup doesn’t necessarily address. From the perspective of a business wishing to blanket as wide an audience of potential customers as it can, filling in those gaps makes a certain kind of sense. While there’s no telling at this point how it will all play out, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on future developments. 

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