In the U.S., the Suzuki GSX-R model range has been called by its nickname, Gixxer, for many years now. Meanwhile, in the Asian market, it seems that Suzuki has taken notice of this nickname and launched a model that's actually called the Gixxer. Now, it isn't a powerful, performance-oriented sportbike, but rather, a sporty-style naked and fully-faired commuter. 

For the 2023 model year, Suzuki has bestowed modest updates to the Gixxer 250 model range available in the Indian market. It's expected that other countries in Asia where the Gixxer 250 is also sold will follow suit shortly thereafter. Now, digging right into the details, the Gixxer 250 is sold in two trim options—an SF version with a full fairing, and a standard naked model. 

The 2023 update for the Gixxer SF 250 consists of new colorways and mild tech improvements. In total, it's offered in four colorways consisting of Metallic Sonic Silver with Metallic Triton Blue, Metallic Matte Stellar Blue, Metallic Sonic Silver, and Metallic Matte Black No.2. All these colorways give the fully-faired commuter bike a sporty aesthetic, and are clearly inspired by the colors of the premium GSX-R sportbikes. 

The standard Gixxer 250, on the other hand, will be offered in two colorways consisting of Metallic Matte Black No.2 and Metallic Matte Stellar Blue. In comparison to the fully faired version, the standard Gixxer 250 gets styling similar to that of the GSX-S750 and GSX-S1000 naked sportbikes. That said, it's worth noting that Suzuki also sells the GSX-S150, a more premium, small-displacement commuter, in other Asian markets such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

Suzuki India Launches New Colors, Tech Updates To Gixxer 250

Apart from new colorways to the model range, Suzuki has also thrown in modest tech updates to the commuter lineup. The Gixxer SF and standard Gixxer 250 will all come equipped with smartphone Bluetooth connectivity via the Suzuki Ride Connect feature. Through this system, riders can view SMS notifications, calls, and navigation information through the bike's instrument cluster. It also enables you to access onboard diagnostics features, as well as real-time traffic updates. 

On the performance side of the equation, the Gixxer 250 is powered by a 249cc, air and oil-cooled, single-cylinder engine with a max output of 26 horsepower at 9,300 rpm, and 15.4 lb-ft of torque at 7,300 rpm. The 2023 Gixxer SF 250 retails for Rs 2,02,500, or approximately $2,450 USD. Meanwhile, the naked Gixxer 250 is slightly more affordable at Rs 1,95,000, or the sum of $$2,360 USD. 

Suzuki India Launches New Colors, Tech Updates To Gixxer 250
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