Eleveit is a fairly young Italian brand that specializes in motorcycle-specific boots and shoes. Despite it being a relatively newer brand in the motorcycle gear industry, the brand has a wide selection of products, and is now distributed in more than 30 countries across the globe.

For its 2023 collection, the Italian marque has urban riders in mind with its new Antibes WP sneakers. As the temps are beginning to rise in certain places, but winter isn’t exactly out of the picture just yet, we can start hitting the road with lighter gear, albeit those that still have thermal properties. This is exactly where the Antibes WP sneakers come into play. These riding shoes are made out of full grain leather for maximum robustness and abrasion resistance. Underneath the cowhide lies an E-Dry waterproof membrane to keep water out and warmth in during rain showers.

Italian Brand Eleveit Presents The Antibes WP Leather Sneakers

In terms of styling, Eleveit keeps things neutral, making the Antibes WP sneakers suitable for all types of bikes. It gets cutouts on the outer side of the sole for an extra layer of protection, as well as a mid-cut lace-up closure, giving it a very urban aesthetic. Furthermore, Eleveit has integrated a discreet rubberized layer that serves as a grip for the gear selector.

On the protection side of the equation, the Antibes WP flaunts CE certification thanks to multiple internal protectors. For starters, protectors on the tip of the foot prevent injuries in the event of a forward slide. Meanwhile, reinforcements on the heel and malleolus protect against crushing and twisting forces, while at the same time providing extra support while perched up on the bike.

As much as the Antibes WB sneakers are designed for riding, the fact that they’re urban sneakers means they also need to be good for walking. As such, Eleveit has integrated a sole that has been ergonomically designed to offer extra comfort while walking. Of course, protection is still the priority, and the rubber sole has been reinforced to withstand the rigors of the two-wheeled lifestyle.

In terms of pricing and availability, the Eleveit Antibes WP leather sneakers are offered in two colors consisting of gray and brown. Sizing ranges from 36 to 48, and a pair retails for 179.90 Euros, or approximately $196 USD. Do note that pricing and availability may vary depending on where in the world you ship to.

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