Arai’s bringing its Nakagami GP2 graphic to its most every day of helmets, the Arai VZ-RAM. Patterned after the current GP helmet of Japanese racer, Takaaki Nakagami. 

Come March, the Japanese helmet manufacturer will launch the graphic option, which is the same graphic that Takaaki Nakagami, currently active in MotoGP, uses on his Arai racing helmet. The RX-7X was predictably the first to get this graphic, with its launch slated for June of 2022, last year. Now, if you want a similar design but find yourself preferring open-face lids, then this is a release worth waiting for. 

The graphic is rather special according to Arai. The design was inspired by the colorful stained glass that Nakagami encountered in Spain while he was based in Europe for a while. He took that inspiration and gave it to YF Design, which was then finalized and painted onto his helmet. 

Arai VZ-RAM Nakagami GP2

Four-leaf clovers can be seen throughout the helmet, a symbol of luck, on a backdrop of a multitude of colors. 

As the only Japanese racer in MotoGP currently, this graphic is special for Arai. You may even say that it is a helmet that is a bit rare in some regard. As for the helmet itself, it meets Arai’s highest quality standards and also some of its latest technologies. The venting system is lifted straight from the RX-7X along with the adjustable diffuser at the back. Ventilation is assured for the top of your head thanks to the IC Duct 5 and the NE Nozzle Side Duct 7, which channels air from the outside, through the EPS liner, and out to the back of the helmet. 

The Arai VZ-RAM Nakagami GP2 is priced at 64,900 JPY (including tax), or the equivalent of about $505 USD. The model with the graphic is slated for launch in Japan next month, with worldwide availability hopefully coming soon thereafter. 

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