Graham Jarvis suffers no challengers. The decorated British rider has four Scottish Six Days Trial titles, nine Scott Trial wins, and five British Trials Championships to his name. At 47 years of age, Jarvis isn’t slowing down anytime soon. As the headlining rider on his own Jarvis Racing Team, the seasoned vet still competes in the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship and British Extreme Enduro Championship.

Throughout his extensive career, Jarvis has won the Red Bull Romaniacs seven times and Erzberg Rodeo five times. You can add six Red Bull Sea to Sky victories and five Hells Gate wins to that count too. With so many accolades, Jarvis isn’t just a winning machine, he’s a trove of enduro and trial knowledge. Passing his craft on to the masses, the Brit recently shared his top tips and tricks in a new video series.

Published on the REN X MISSION YouTube channel, the multi-episode series features instructional demonstrations of fundamental enduro and trial maneuvers. From hill climbing to rock jumping to wheelieing, the series helps off-road riders level up their skills.

As expected, the series starts with the basics. After all, you can only progress so far with an improper bike setup. Jarvis first covers ideal rear tire pressure but the crowd snaps to attention when he notes that he uses an 11-tooth front sprocket. A stock 2022 Husqvarna TE 250i touts a 13:52 gear ratio. While the 52-tooth rear sprocket isn’t a far departure from Jarvis’s 50-tooth unit, the two-tooth drop at the front makes a world of difference.

It’s common knowledge that every one-tooth change to the front sprocket is equal to a 3-to-4-tooth change at the rear sprocket. By decreasing the front sprocket by two teeth, Jarvis optimizes the Husky’s torque for enduro maneuvers, even with the smaller, 50-tooth sprocket out back. Of course, the REN X MISSION series goes well beyond gear ratios, but if you want to be anything like Graham Jarvis, you’d better get that right before thinking about more advanced enduro skills.

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