Despite the U.S.’s rich Grand Prix motorcycle history, only two Moto2 riders will hail from the Colonies in 2023. To help future generations of American riders return to the world stage, the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) integrated several U.S.-based race series into the Road to MotoGP program. The North America Talent Cup is one such series and it will bring the best up-and-coming racers to the fore in 2023.

Based on Europe’s Nothern Talent Cup, the one-make race series will feature Aprilia’s RS250 SP2 race bike developed in partnership with Ohvale. Riders must be 14-16 to meet eligibility and registration is currently open through February 6, 2023. With young riders nationwide scrambling to submit their applications, the Northern Talent Cup released its 2023 provisional calendar in the nick of time.

The 2023 schedule will consist of seven rounds with the season commencing at Austin, Texas’ Circuit of the Americas. The opening round will run alongside MotoGP’s Grand Prix of the Americas on April 14-16, 2023. With the hosting organization running each round, MotoAmerica will take the reins at Alabama’s Barber Motorsports Park on May 19-21, 2023, and Washington’s Ridge Motorsports Park on June 23-25, 2023.

WERA will take the series under its wing for the fourth round at Mid Ohio on July 20-23, 2023, and the sixth round at West Virginia’s Summit Point Motorsports Park on September 8-10, 2023. Between those two race weekends, CMRA will run the show at Decatur, Texas’ Eagles Canyon Raceway on August 4-6, 2023. The Talent Cup will soon announce the location, date, and organizer of this year’s seventh round.

Previous North America Talent Cup graduates have already moved on to the Red Bull Rookies Cup. Hopefully, the seven-round 2023 season produces similar results for future generations of American riders.

2023 North America Talent Cup Provisional Schedule:

  • April 14-16, 2023 - Circuit of the Americas (Austin, Texas)
  • May 19-21, 2023 - Barber Motorsports Park (Birmingham, Alabama)
  • June 23-25, 2023 - Ridge Motorsports Park (Shelton, Washington)
  • July 20-23, 2023 - Mid Ohio (Lexington, Ohio)
  • August 4-6, 2023 - Eagles Canyon Raceway (Decatur, Texas)
  • September 8-10, 2023 - Summit Point Motorsports Park (Summit Point, West Virginia)
  • Round 7 - TBD
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