Taiwanese scooter and motorcycle manufacturer SYM is popular across Asia and Europe thanks to its accessible entry-level models. In its home country of Taiwan, the brand has introduced a new model that looks to compete in the highly competitive adventure scooter segment, but one also targeted for newer riders.

The adventure scooter segment was pretty much invented by Honda when it launched the X-ADV back in 2016. A few years later, it brought this versatility to the beginner segment, and many other manufacturers joined the party with their own interpretations of a do-it-all scooter. Peugeot joined the game at EICMA 2022 by unveiling the XP400, and so too did Malaysian manufacturer Aveta with the Dayang ADV 150. Taiwanese manufacturer SYM looks to join in on the fun, as well, the the MMBCU scooter.

Initially launched in the Taiwanese market, the MMBCU’s name may seem a little bit weird, and that’s because it is. As our friends from Motorrad Online explain, MMB stands for Mamba, as the scooter’s design is apparently inspired by a snake, while C stands for Crossover—highlighting its adventurous capabilities, and lastly, U stands for Unique, because let’s face it, no other scooter looks like this.

SYM Joins ADV Scooter Game With MMBCU Crossover

Naming convention aside, however, the scooter is pretty impressive from its spec sheet alone. For starters, it gets taller ground clearance than other scooters in its class. Performance-wise, the MMBCU is powered by a 158cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine with an output of 16 horsepower. Given that this is above the limit for A1 license holders in Europe, chances are this bike won’t make its way to the old continent. Other features include front and rear disc brakes with ABS as standard, as well as alloy wheels measuring 13 inches on both ends.

As far as scooters go, the MMBCU is pretty tall with a seat height of 803 millimeters—a price that has to be paid in exchange for taller ground clearance. The fuel tank has a capacity of 7.4 liters, while the under-seat storage compartment is pretty generous with 28 liters of space for your daily essentials.

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