You could definitely say that Ducati has previously had a love-hate relationship with electric motorcycles. Back in 2021, the idea of an electric motorcycle from the House of Borgo Panigale was absurd. The company even went as far as straight up saying that it had no plans of producing an electric motorbike. 


“Will we soon produce an electric Ducati? No," were the words uttered by Ducati sales head Francesco Milicia back in April, 2021. However, as the tides continue to shift and the tables continue to turn, that statement was the farthest thing from the truth. You see, starting the 2023 MotoE season, Ducati will be the sole provider of race bikes with its newly developed V21L electric superbike. Regardless of what the big wigs at Ducati have to say, they have a functioning electric motorcycle that's ready to hit the track. 

Now, will the V21L lay the groundwork for a future road-going electric motorcycle from the legendary Italian marque? Perhaps, or perhaps not. Nevertheless, the idea of a roadgoing electric Ducati is one that could futureproof the iconic Italian company. Indeed, artist and designer Filippo Ubertino certainly thinks that an electric Ducati Monster could well and truly be a future reality, and his design concept is definitely more than worthy of a second glance. 


Judging on looks alone, Ubertino's electric Monster actually looks more like an electric Streetfighter given how aggressive its styling is. On top of that, its ergonomics look properly track-focused, too, with low-slung clip-on bars, and high, rear-set footpegs. Whatever the case may be, it'll surely be a beast of a machine, especially if its rocking the same underpinnings as that of the V21L. 

Digital Artist Imagines Electric Ducati Monster Based On The V21L

For reference, the Ducati V21L's electric motor can generate up to 110 kilowatts of power. This translates to around 150 horsepower. On top of that, electric motors are known for their instantaneous torque delivery, and the V21L's 103 lb-ft from idle is definitely no slouch. Even if these numbers are detuned slightly, the notion of an electric Ducati naked bike could surely blow all the other electric motorcycles currently in the market out of the water. 

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