Honda hit us with a steady stream of Hawk11 teasers before it finally unveiled the neo-retro at the 2022 Osaka Motorcycle Show. Aside from beauty shots and promotional videos, we learned that the Africa Twin’s 1,082cc, 270-degree parallel-twin will also power the new Hawk11. However, Team Red continues to hold its cards close to the chest, refraining from revealing power figures and full specifications at this time.

As Honda continues to provide info in a piecemeal fashion, prolific digital designer Oberdan Bezzi envisioned the sportier side of the Hawk11. So far, the Hawk11 has only donned conservative liveries including a silver/black color scheme and a navy blue paint option. Bezzi’s rendition tosses caution to the wind, opting for HRC’s iconic tri-color livery.

Similar to the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP and CBR600RR, the neo café racer sports the red base and blue/white accents that separate the supersport variants from the pack. Without the nose-down stance, though, Bezzi alters the graphics to match the Hawk11’s lines. HRC branding and “Hawk RR” decals on the front fairing borrow from Honda’s current design language and tie the modern-classic into the brand’s contemporary sportbike lineup.

To live up to the RR moniker, Bezzi adds a race-appropriate belly pan and side number plates. In addition to the new bodywork, a single-seat tail section replaces the standard two-up unit. ON the other hand, Bezzi doesn’t lop off the passenger pegs, but he does remove the license plate hanger for a more streamlined silhouette.

The Hawk11 already boasts clip-on handlebars and rear set footpegs for a sporty riding position, so Bezzi didn’t need to adjust the ergonomics for the race track. However, the stock can makes way for a performance-oriented Akrapovic silencer reminiscent of the full exhaust system available for the new Fireblade.

Of course, Bezzi take on the Hawk11 RR is just a design exercise, but the balance of vintage and modern motifs matches the bike’s intentions. As Honda continues to exhibit the new Hawk11 at Japanese motorcycle shows, we hope to learn concrete details behind the upcoming model. Hopefully, Team Red has some sporty liveries in store as well.

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