The Honda Hawk 11 is officially scheduled to be unveiled at the 38th Annual Osaka Motorcycle Show on March 19, 2022. So far, we know that it’s structured around the 1,084cc parallel twin engine that’s also found in the current Africa Twin, NT1100, and Rebel 1100. At the end of February, 2022, Honda released its first teaser for the Hawk 11, along with announcing the model’s name for the first time. It also promised that a second teaser would be coming soon. 

It’s now the first half of March, and we don’t have to wait any longer for the second Honda Hawk 11 teaser video. The first video gave us a closeup glimpse of the cowl around the round LED headlight, all artfully shadowed so we wouldn’t see too much. What do we get to see with teaser number two? 

While the folks at Honda clearly like to keep a bit of drama and mystery about their teasers (I mean, the M.O. is right there in the name “teaser,” isn’t it?), nonetheless, we do get to see quite a bit more of the Hawk 11 than we’ve seen before. The video starts with a head-on look at the headlight and front cowl, in shadow, at approximately eye level. The bike is turned off, as the headlight remains dark. A ring of seven exposed windscreen screws appear to be both polished and silver, almost making them appear like jewelry around that appealingly classic windscreen. 

Gallery: Honda Hawk 11 Teaser Number Two

Next, there’s a slightly closer look at the right upper side of the cowl, where a side mirror and right-hand controls are hidden in shadow, though you of course sense their presence because your brain likes to fill things in. We see the rounded angle of the lip around the cowl as it rises up to shroud the front end around the headlight. There’s a tiny glimpse of a Honda decal on the fuel tank that you can barely see. 

After that, there’s an extreme right-side middle closeup that’s so shadowy, you just get a basic impression of dark shapes, with little glints of brushed, satin-finished metal accents here and there. The rear subframe is one of these pieces, and you plainly see a Hawk 11 decal on it in one shot. As with the right-hand controls in the shot prior to this one, you sense that the saddle is hovering just above—but it’s so dark, you have no idea what it actually looks like. 

The next shot, the camera returns up to the front right of the cowl; this time, just a little further out than the earlier shots of this part of the bike. This time, although we can’t quite make out details, we can see the silhouette of a round right mirror, with an angled black stalk that allows for adjustability while holding it in close to the front cowl. Directly behind it, we see the right grip and front brake lever, the positioning of which appears to offer a somewhat sporty riding position—but not so aggressive your wrists will yell at you after a few hours.  

There’s another shot toward the end, where we get a better overhead view of the bike from the front. It’s mostly obscured by text about the reveal date on March 19, but you can still see enough to pique your interest—which is, of course, exactly Honda’s intent. With less than two weeks to go, are you excited to meet the newest member of the Hawk family?

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