It goes without saying that motorcycle gear and equipment isn't cheap. This is especially true with today's crop of high-end, cutting-edge technology that's designed to keep you safe and comfy at the same time. Of course, the brand, as well as the styling of certain gear pieces has turned them into fashion statements, as well. 

This is where new brands looking to make a good impression play a major role. A lot of the time, new brands focus on the budget-oriented space, and try to build strong reputations by sticking to the ethos of more for less—chocking their products full of features while keeping the price low. This is exactly what Ignyte, a fledgling helmet brand from India, wants to do with its newest helmet, the IGN-7. Ignyte is a brand under the Indian gear and equipment specialist Steelbird. Popular in the region for its affordable yet effective riding equipment, the same is true about its newest helmet. 

The Ignyte IGN-7 Is The First Made-In-India ECE-Certified Helmet

You see, the IGN-7 is the first ever made-in-India helmet to receive the latest ECE 22.06 certification. In addition to this, it's also certified DOT FMVSS No. 218 and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), making it the first Indian helmet to hold triple-homologation status. We've gone into great detail about the inner workings of ECE 22.06, and why the safety standard is something to aspire to. Out of the three certifications held by the IGN-7, you could argue that ECE 22.06 is the most important one.

The Ignyte IGN-7 is offered in three sizes consisting of M, L, and XL. The NACA air-flow system, which is integrated into the helmet, is said to enable effective air channeling through the numerous vents that are situated on the outside of the helmet. Additionally, the helmet is composed of nine parts of EPS and offers protection at up to 18 impact locations. A factory-installed Pinlock 70 anti-fog lens on an ECE-certified visor raises the bar for quality. The IGN-7 also has a retractable sun visor for increased convenience, a high-frequency thermo foam wind deflector, a nose guard, and a double D-ring fastening system.

Best of all, Ignyte has managed to keep the cost of the IGN-7 extremely low, at just Rs 6,199, or approximately $77 USD. This is extremely practical, especially in a market as price-sensitive as India, where safety and protection usually takes a back seat. Hopefully, with the introduction of products like the Ignyte IGN-7, more and more Indian motorcycle riders will place more importance on safety. 

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