French motorcycle gear and equipment manufacturer Bolid'ster is one that specializes mostly in the development of motorcycle-specific jeans. The company was started by Pierre-Henry Servajean, who was the creator of the highly durable and abrasion-resistant Armalith fiber. With 2023 well and truly in, Bolid'ster ushers in its newest range of protective pants, bumping up the comfort and protection even more. 

French Gear Specialist Bolid'Ster Presents The Ride'Ster V Jeans

The Ride'Ster lineup of motorcycle jeans has undergone numerous evolutions of the course of the past few years. This time around, on its fifth generation, the Ride'Ster V has been tweaked to provide extra comfort for longer hours on the saddle, while being equally as protective as the previous generation. The Ride'Ster V therefore has a distinct aesthetic similarity to the Ride'Ster IV, from which it borrows the 3D anatomical cut.

Similar to the Ride'Ster IV, the Ride'Ster V has a high-cut waist that adds lower back comfort. You may tuck your boots inside your jeans or fasten them so they don't flap in the wind by using the adjustment laces at the bottom of the legs.  The difference lies in the type of fabrics used in the jeans. Bolid'Ster uses two distinct Armalith 2.0 fiber types for the Ride'Ster V.

It has Power Stretch fabric that is very abrasion resistant on the injury-prone regions, including the knees, the back of the thighs, the buttocks, and the waist. The rest of the pants get Armalith Light 2.0, which is softer and stretchier, providing more comfort. For reference, the Power Stretch fabric offers abrasion resistance rated up to 32 meters, while the Armalith Light 2.0 is rated for 14 meters. There are also optional level 2 protectors for the knees and hips.

As for availability and pricing, Bolid'Ster offers the new Ride'Ster V jeans in sizes ranging from 38 to 54, for a retail price of 450 Euros (approximately $488 USD). All of Bolid'Ster's gear is made in France, and comes with a 10-year warranty. 

French Gear Specialist Bolid'Ster Presents The Ride'Ster V Jeans
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