In late December, 2022, Bell Helmets introduced a special, limited-edition Carlin Dunne Race Star DLX Flex helmet graphic. This project was created in partnership with the Carlin Dunne Foundation, as well as the Dunne family, and features a special graphic created by AirTrix artist Chris Wood. It’s a replica of the graphic that Dunne rode with during the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which Wood created just for Dunne at that time. 

While the limited-edition Bell Dunne Race Star takes strong influence from Dunne’s original helmet, it is of course not exactly the same. The colors are slightly different, and Dunne’s helmet had painstakingly applied gold leaf incorporated into the design on the top of the helmet. It’s a beautiful replica, though, with Dunne’s name across the back, as well as his chosen race number 5 on the chin bar. 

Carlin’s sister, Daniela Dunne, created the Carlin Dunne Foundation “to develop preventive resources and rehab programs for extreme sports athletes diagnosed with or at risk for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, concussion syndrome, and traumatic brain injury,” according to Bell. Additionally, the CDF also offers mentorship to up-and-coming riders as they move through their riding lives. Bell is releasing this helmet in Dunne’s honor, and will also continue to support the Carlin Dunne Foundation and its work. 

Gallery: Bell Carlin Dunne Limited Edition Race Star DLX Flex

The current Bell Race Star DLX Flex comes with a 3K carbon-fiber shell. There are five shell sizes and six impact liner sizes, in order to more accurately dial in exactly the right fit for a rider’s individual head. The Flex three-layer impact liner is designed to protect the head against low, medium, and high-speed crash scenarios.  

The Magnefusion check pad emergency release system uses magnets to hold the cheek pads in place—making it easier for emergency responders to remove them and help a downed rider. As a bonus, it also makes it a simpler task for riders to remove the cheek pads themselves for a clean whenever it’s necessary.  

In the U.S., the Race Star DLX Flex comes with a Panovision ProTint photochromic shield, which tints itself to a dark smoke in the presence of strong UV light. Outside the U.S., the Race Star DLX Flex comes with a Panovision Pinlock clear shield installed on the helmet, as well as an additional Panovision dark smoke Pinlock shield with tear-off posts that comes in the box. The Bell Race Star DLX Flex will come with either Snell or ECE 22.05 certification, depending on your region. 

Bell doesn’t give specific numbers for how many of these Carlin Dunne limited edition graphics it’s producing, and only says that they’re limited. The Dunne Replica is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Pricing and availability may vary by geography, but the U.S. MSRP is $919.95. 

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