This year, Ducati is celebrating the 916’s Silver jubilee. The historical model was introduced in 1994 and a quarter of a century later, it remains one of the most important models for the brand. To celebrate with proper pump and circumstances, Ducati unveiled a special edition Panigale V4, the 916 25o Anniversario. The model made its first public appearance in Laguna Seca in July, during the only American WSBK race of the calendar. The manufacturer has now announced that lucky number 005/500 will be donated to a very special cause. 

Ducati shared a press release that announced that one of its limited-edition 25o Anniversario Pani was going up for auction. It isn’t vanity, but rather charity. In fact, the proceeds form the sale of the motorcycle will be donated to the Carlin Dunne Foundation. 

The auction will run until September 15 via eBay and as we write this, the latest bidding has raised the bar to $42,500. Of course, number 5 out of the lot is the one picked to do the honors—an homage to Carlin Dunne’s racing number. 

The special edition V4 features a number of Ducati Corse components, carbon fiber bodywork, aluminum accents, as well as a 996-inspired livery. 

Carlin Dunne, a 36-year-old stuntman and racer, died seconds away from setting a new speed record during the 2019 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. He lost control of his Ducati Streetfighter V4 prototype and crashed a quarter of a mile away from the finish line. His passing prompted the Pikes Peak Hill Climb organizers to cancel the motorcycle category for the 2020 event. 

The eponymous foundation was created after his death to remember him and carry on his legacy. The foundation aims to promote the development of preventative resources and provide support for athletes diagnosed with or at risk of developing Concussion Syndrome, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), and traumatic brain injuries. For more information on the Carlin Dunne Foundation, visit

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