For aspiring track riders, few entry-level motorcycles are as capable as KTM's RC range of sportbikes. Designed specifically to bring the aggressive ergonomics of a supersport to the street, the KTM RC—available in three trims across multiple markets: 125, 200, and 390—had undergone a number of iterations since it first debuted in 2013. 

In 2022, KTM dropped the biggest update to the sportbike since its release. Featuring all-new bodywork, new wheels, and tweaks to the engine and electronics, the RC 390 brought features you'd more commonly find on 1,000cc supersports to the table, making race-derived tech accessible to beginners. That being said, KTM makes all its revisions for a reason—no matter how big or small, and for the 2023 year, the RC range of sportbikes is getting minor revisions to offer better performance for those looking to get the most out of this potent yet approachable sportbike. 

KTM Updates Its RC Range Of Sportbikes For 2023

For 2023, the new KTM RC 125, 200, and 390, will feature a smoked windscreen, as opposed to the clear windscreen found on last year's model. For many people, the bike's revised styling was rather polarizing, with the bulbous front end and single headlight detracting from the sleek and sporty styling of the previous generation. That being said, the new smoked windscreen, which was initially offered on the GP Edition, is now standard across the board. 

The 2023 RC 125, 200, and 390 are expected to begin trickling into dealerships within the first half of 2023. In India, in particular, where a bulk of these bikes are manufactured and assembled, prices have been pegged at Rs 188,640 (that's around $2,281 USD) for the RC 125, Rs 214,688 (approximately $2,595 USD) for the RC 200, and Rs 316,070 (around $3,821 USD) for the range-topping RC 390. 

The new generation RC 390 is particularly impressive, and continues to use KTM's tried and tested 373cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine. When mated to the advanced tech package consisting of multiple riding modes and switchable ABS, as well as premium WP Suspension components, you have an accessible sportbike that's equally fun to flog on the track or twisty canyon roads.  

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